Cryptocurrency Faucets

A cryptocurrency faucet is an app or website that technically gives away “free crypto”. We say “technically” because, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. No one gives away free money; if you want the reward, you’re going to have to work for it.

What is a cryptocurrency faucet?

Similar to a dripping faucet, a cryptocurrency faucet distributes small amounts of cryptocurrencies each time you use it. But just like Facebook, if you’re not paying for the product, you are the product. Faucets are mostly funded by asking users to perform some action – viewing ads, watching videos, completing surveys or clicking links. Marketing companies pay for the eyeballs on the exposure, and the user is compensated for their time.

You’re not going to get rich quick with crypto faucets; the amounts we’re talking about here are miniscule. But the value of a cryptocurrency today doesn’t necessarily reflect what it might be in the future. The very first faucet was created in 2010 and gave away 5 BTC! So are faucets worth your time? Our advice here is, don’t quit your day job. But it’s certainly worth clicking a few links why winding down at the end of the day. You will learn about some of the altcoins out there, and who knows, you might score a bag of the next Bitcoin.

A word of warning – some faucets have been linked to malware and ransomeware. Malicious actors know the lure of free money will make people take risks they normally wouldn’t. Which is why I’ve gone to great lengths to test and measure all the faucets listed on this website.

Cryptocurrency Faucet Microwallets

Because we’ll be dealing with many tiny amounts of cryptocurrencies, most faucets implement minimum payout limits. This is to ensure the transactions aren’t wiped out with fees, but in some cases, it might literally take you months to achieve those minimums. That’s where microwallets come in.

A microwallet is a service used for storing micropayment transactions. They are commonly used by crypto faucet owners because it is easier for them to send micro payment to users, rather than writing transactions to the blockchain. From a user’s perspective, it saves us the fees by storing up all those small amounts until we can withdraw to our personal wallets.

It would be a good idea to sign up to the popular microwallets now, so that you’re ready when you start accessing cryptocurrency faucets. Sign up to the following microwallets, and then click through to our faucet recommendations for each.

Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchange


  • 100s of different cryptocurrencies
  • Fully functional cryptocurrency exchange

Faucet Pay

  • 13 different cryptocurrencies
  • Games, offers, exchange & staking

Micro Wallet

  • 5 different cryptocurrencies
  • Tool for developers with API docs

Best Cryptocurrency Faucets

The following cryptocurrency faucets are well-developed sites with minimal ads. You sign up as a member, then reap the benefits each time you return. There’s plenty to do – you can games to play, do surveys, claim promotional offers, and chat with other users. Some faucets allow you to claim specific cryptocurrencies, but a lot of these give you points which can be swapped for your favorite coin. These faucets are the best place to start:

Final Autoclaim

  • The biggest & the best
  • 69 different cryptos

Hot Crypto

  • Offers the biggest payouts
  • Huge level rewards

Pro Infinity

  • 54 new cryptocurrencies
  • Loyalty bonuses


  • Daily DOGE and ZEC faucet
  • Play games, win DAI
  • Airdrops, staking and rewards


  • Access faucet every hour
  • Withdraw BTC, DOGE, DASH or LTC
  • Dozens of games, offers & surveys


  • Choose 7 cryptocurrencies hourly
  • Best pay-to-click (PTC) program
  • Also survey and offer rewards

Even More Cryptocurrency Faucets

Still want more? There are literally hundreds of crypto faucets out there that pay directly into your microwallets. Click on your favorite coin icon to find the list of faucets.

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