BNB Binance Faucets

Binance faucet sites paying directly to BNB wallets or microwallets.

BNB Binance Faucets

BNB faucets are sites that give away small amounts of Binance to visitors every few minutes. Because these sites are basically giving away free money, they can be extremely popular. But some Binance faucets are better than others; either giving away more Binance than their competitors, more frequently, and/or more reliably. On this page, we’ve listed all the main BNB faucet sites, with more being added daily.

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Some faucets pay directly into your crypto wallets, but most use a microwallet service. If you haven’t done so already, you will need to sign up to FaucetPay and Coinbase in order to receive payments. Click on the links below to sign up:

Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchange

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Binance Faucets / BNB Faucets

NameFaucetRequires RegistrationWallets
BitHubevery minuteYesBinance, Coinbase, Direct, FaucetPay
Big Crypto Faucetevery 5 minutesYesDirect, Dutchy, FaucetPay
Best Shopevery 10 minutesYesDirect, Dutchy, FaucetPay, Payeer
Coin Payz (Multi-coin)every 5 minutesYesBSC, Coinbase, Direct, FaucetPay, Payeer
AutoClaimas allowedYesFaucetPay
Bet Furyevery 30 minutesYesDirect
Infinity Faucet (Multi-coin)every minuteYesBinance, Coinbase, CoinEx, Direct, Dutchy, FaucetPay
Hashing Space Multifaucetevery 5 minutesYesFaucetPay
Bits.reevery 5 minutesYesDirect, FaucetPay
Crypto For U (BNB)every minuteNoFaucetPay
Drop Coins (Auto BNB)every minuteNoFaucetPay
BEP20 Faucet (BNB)every 5 minutesNoFaucetPay
Binance Faucet (BNB)every minuteNoFaucetPay
Earn Bit Moon (Multi-coin)every 5 minutesYesDirect, FaucetPay
888 Satoshis (Multi-coin)every 3 minutesYesCoinbase, Direct, FaucetPay
Fly Crypto (Multi-coin)every 2 minutesYesFaucetPay
Coin Pot (Multi-coin)every 5 minutesYesCoinEx, Direct, FaucetPay
Loticon XYZ (BNB)every 5 minutesNoFaucetPay
Loticon GA (BNB)every 5 minutesNoFaucetPay
RaPCrypto (BNB)every 3 minutesNoFaucetPay
Faraz Rabbani (BNB)as allowedNoFaucetPay
Keran (BNB)every hourNoFaucetPay
Bitcoin Cyclone (Multi-coin)every 5 minutesYesCoinbase, FaucetPay, Payeer
xFaucet Bonus (BNB)every 5 minutesNoFaucetPay
Konstantinova (BNB)every 5 minutesNoFaucetPay
Soft Air Bay (Auto Multi-coin)every 5 minutesYesFaucetPay
Bagicoin (BNB)every hourNoFaucetPay
Shopping Pals (Auto Multi-coin)every minuteYesFaucetPay
Final Autoclaim (Auto Multi-coin)every minuteYesCoinbase, Direct, FaucetPay
Crypto Junkie (Auto Multi-coin)as allowedYesDirect, FaucetPay, StakeCube
Free Binance (BNB)every 5 minutesNoFaucetPay
Pyramids Crypto (BNB)every 5 minutesNoFaucetPay
Swiss Faucet (Multi-coin)as allowedYesDirect
CrypToshi (Auto Multi-coin)every minuteYesFaucetPay
Diamond Faucet (BNB)every 5 minutesNoFaucetPay
Claim Free Coins (BNB)every 5 minutesNoFaucetPay
Faucet World (Auto Multi-coin)every 2 minutesNoCoinbase
Free Binance Coin (BNB)every hourYesDirect
Instant BNB (BNB)every 5 minutesNoFaucetPay
Auto Faucet (Auto Multi-coin)as allowedYesDirect, FaucetPay
Doge Mate (Multi-coin)every hourYesCoinbase, Direct, FaucetPay