About Us

Start accepting cryptocurrency in minutes! No accounts required!

Who are we?

We're a small team of developers who are tired of dealing with conventional payment processors and IPNs. We've had multiple processors steal money from us, and we're too small to take legal action. With cryptocurrency we can't have our account terminated, we can't have our funds frozen without warning, we can go on our business without worry.

Why Accountless?

The problem with merchant accounts is the ability for the processor to lockout the merchant at anytime. By making our system accountless, you receive your funds in minutes and we can't touch them. Once we process the IPN the funds are out of our hands and into yours. You can use whatever wallet you want, even an offline one if you'd like!

Why Bitcoin Cash?

Our goal will be to accept all cryptocurrencies, but we're starting with Bitcoin Cash for two reasons: 1) We were huge fans of Bitcoin, mining for bitcoin back when you could with USB miners. The concept and convenience was great. 2) The delays and transaction fees of Bitcoin Core make it difficult to do business. Bitcoin Core supporters have made it clear, it is for storing value not day to day transactions. As a result, it makes sense to use Bitcoin Cash!